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Boating in Fort Lauderdale from your home in the “Venice of America”

Austin Bergman

Austin’s take on boating in Fort Lauderdale

Any local real estate agent needs to know the intricacies of owning and docking a marine vessel at home. Agents in this market need to know each canals’ width and depth and understand the yacht’s electrical needs, bridge clearance, and the draft the vessel needs. Another vital fact your agent should know is the setbacks in the docks in each Fort Lauderdale neighborhood. Your agent should also be able to tell you the quickest way to get to the ocean and other destinations. 

Boating in Fort Lauderdale from your home in the “Venice of America”

Live in the “Venice of America”

Fort Lauderdale’s waterways are vast, and many are interconnected. The Greater Fort Lauderdale area has 300 miles of waterways, which led to the city’s nickname – “Venice of America.”

Set out on the New River and pass-through Downtown Fort Lauderdale or set your sights on the Atlantic Ocean by taking the Intracoastal waterway. There is absolutely no shortage of activities or things to do on the water in Fort Lauderdale. 

Fort Lauderdale offers 365 days of fishing, water sports, exploration, and those simple days when you simply want to get out for a day on the water.  With sunny, stable weather year-round, boating is a common pastime here.

When you move to Fort Lauderdale, you can explore your beautiful city and escape daily life without ever leaving your own luxurious spaces.  

Ready to live in Fort Lauderdale? Buy a waterfront property!

There’s no shortage of beautiful sights in Fort Lauderdale, but there is a shortage of waterfront properties. These properties go fast. Sellers often work directly with a real estate agent who taps into their vast network to get the home sold without it ever getting listed publicly. 

Leap forward and take the step to sail from your backyard. Austin Bergman can get you the home you want so you can live out your dream. 

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Luxury Real Estate Agent, Austin Bergman, has a lifetime of experience. Everyone knows Austin for his ability to connect buyers and sellers in exclusive neighborhoods and to successfully close deals in record time. 

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